All things Parisenne

So the weather is changing in Los Angeles.  It’s almost feeling like a real season.  A season with falling leaves and under 50 degree temperatures.  It doesn’t happen very often, in fact the palm trees are pissed.  For me, it just makes me nostalgic for colder climates and their memories.  Today, or more precisely tonight, I’m feeling the chill and the lovely crisp breeze that Paris has to offer this time of year.

How to get there..right now, believe it or not, if you’re not traveling on those crazy black out dates where rates are unavailable or unattainable you can still find a decent flight on an off day or hour. Even better  you can just wait until after the first or actually THE FIRST and get a major reduced fare.  My favorite always direct from LAX to CDG is Air France.  Yes I know what you’re thinking..Air France? But it’s ran by French people.  Well, after flying every other major airline to Paris take it from me, it’s the most comfortable in my opinion and if you’re not planning on having your checked luggage on hand when you land it’s the perfect choice.  Yes, that’s a dig…never check unless you’re flying business or first.  Regardless still my first choice.

Now that you’re in Paris, where oh where do you  stay?  I’m the ‘rent an apt.’ type of gal (see footnotes on home away and vnrb below)… but don’t let that distract you from staying at one of the more extravagant hotels in the city of lights.  My suggestion would be to choose your arrondissement (section of town) based on what you like to do the most. My arrondissement breakdowns…

  • shopping : 1c, 4c, 6c, 8c
  • romance: 18c Montmartre ..or anywhere within close proximity of the Seine or the 7c or 15c with a view of the Eiffel although I have to admit it finds it’s way around every corner regardless of where you are staying.
  • partying: Bastille or the canal around St. Martin
  • sightseeing: Really? Paris can be everything you every thought it would be.  Just take the time to look.  Walk.  Observe.  However…if you’re in a crunch there are two things you can do..
  • 1) take the metro to The Trocadero and follow the signage.  From there sit on the steps, take a picture, walk to the river, cross the river…stand and look up.  You’re welcome. 2)  For 12.00 Euro you can buy yourself a ticket to ride the water taxi all day long.  It’s the best view you’ll get of the entire city.  Granted might be chilly in Winter.  Cool thing is you can get off at leisure and visit every site along the Seine.  Best 12.00 euro I ever spent.
  • food: well you’re in Paris.  Enjoy!

 I suppose the only other thing I could suggest is to pick yourself up this little book which I love called “PARISIENNE FRENCH : chic phrases, slang and style” and  get yourself in the mood by watching SABRINA or listening to a LOU DOILLON song.  Take the trip.Walk the Seine. Kiss a Frenchman. Ok, or just French kiss. Voila!  Bon Fete ma biches!