Bisous Style: Still feeling like Fall?

So as we transition into Winter, we still come across those days where it’s not quite cold enough to throw on the wellies and overcoat…for those days we asked our fashion model go to gal Hailee Keanna  for  some suggestions. So, Hailee posted this adorable photo on @feels and walked us through her look.

Hailee suggests we go ahead and throw a cropped sweater over a simple dress.  Legs too cold?  Slip on a pair of leather booties or thigh highs and you’re rocking and rolling.  Color is also important.  You don’t want to give into the winter month black uniform just yet.  Use pops of color in your accessories to show you’re still cheerful.   Hailee wears a oxblood wool felt fedora which is also winter functional, grey suede booties as oppose to black and clutches an architectural pieced handbag to add spice to an otherwise all black outfit.  Lastly, make sure you don’t leave out your own personal style…jewelry is the way to go.


GET HAILEE’S LOOK (top to bottom)
Fedora buckle trim TOPSHOP   / Sweater by Leith / Dragon ring by Celia De Flers Design  / Dress by Wilfred / Clutch by Black Sea/ Equestrian inspired Leather Bracelet by Atelier Bits / Circus by Sam Edelman mid length boot