Brighten it!

Brightening Skin Care is a Hot Topic.  How do I make my skin look fresh and renewed? How do I diminish that sun damage that seems to appear more and more each year?  Sara Bumby, who has spent over 12 years working side-by-side with the top chemists in the skincare and beauty industry formulating and creating the leading skincare and beauty lines is going to tell us how!

Brightening can be accomplished through:

1. Exfoliation, the removal of dead skin

2. The use of strategic ingredients which will address hyper-pigmentation (age spots) in/ on the skin

3. Some products have mica and light reflecting ingredients to give an appearance of brighter skin or to give the skin a “glow”

4. Thru anti-oxidants Like Vitamin C which will give an instant and visible brightening effect to the skin

Here are a few of my favorite ingredients to look for great brightening effects:

1. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, also known as Vitamin C

2. Kombucha Extract

3. Arbutin

4. Bearberry Extract

5. Licorice Extract

6. Carageenan (Seaweed)

7. There are many seaweeds that are AMAZING in the brightening department


Like I said these are a very few of the Great ingredients that are available to help your skin look brighter and fresher… Just because you feel tired, doesn’t mean you have to look it J!

Let me know what your favorite products are and if you want more information on other great ingredients that are available.

Have a great week!

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