Favorite Screen Stars BAD BOYS

Can’t have a week of bad boys without including this one.  Colin.

Celebrity Skin Care and Makeup Tips for a Red Carpet WIN!

Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow created Carly Rae Jepsen’s feminine, flirty look…

Favorite Screen Stars BAD BOYS

What better way to journey into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend of 80…

Favorite Screen Stars BAD BOYS

Okay, so there is this disconnection between today’s youth and the classics. …

Favorite Screen Actor COUNTDOWN

Jude Jude Jude.  Yes, he’s a bad man who cheated on his…

Favorite Screen Stars 17

The countdown to our Cinematic issue continues with some Male Style Icons…Paul

Favorite Screen Stars 14

Waif week forges on…Winona

Favorite Screen Stars 13


Favorite Screen Stars 9

Bridgette.  The bomb of all bombshells.  The reason Guess brand made such…

Favorite Screen Stars 8

Farah.  You couldn’t grow up in the late 70s without loving her….

Favorite Screen Stars 7

We’re going to stick with the buxom beauties this week….In my opinion,…

Favorite Screen Stars 5

It’s suppose to be a wopping 89 degrees today in Los Angeles…


We can’t leave out the boys, although some would argue he’s as…



Favorite models and campaigns

It’s that time again…the in between holiday/resort campaigns.  Here are some that…