Fashion Click

For modern fashionistas tired of today’s fast-changing world full of fast food, fast
relationships & fast fashion, Shop-e-mode provides smart solution that is classic,
timeless and bold.

Owned and operated by Sue and Cynthia Lee, sisters with keen eye and passion forfashion, Shop-e-mode launches a new website geared toward young women and professionals who seek more than mass produced, fast fashion that department stores offer.

Shop-e-mode offers high quality apparel from both renowned and up-and-coming
designers from US & Europe by carefully hand selecting pieces that are minimalist,
classic with sophistication and edge. The sisters pay close attention to the quality of
fabric, construction & detail of each piece while understanding the story behind each
designer & collection.

It is only natural that the two sisters joined forces to begin a new e-commerce site, as they grew up taking orders and sleeping between garment racks in their family operated garment-manufacturing business. Using their personal history in the fashion industry and expertise as fashion school graduates, Sue and Cynthia Lee commit as fashion leaders and savvy shoppers to bring their vision to like-minded consumers.

They collaborate with up-and-coming designers such as Susan Woo, Priory of Ten, Jane Oh, IRO, American Retro, Avelon as well as international talents like Erik Frenken–and this list continues to grow.

They understand that not every woman who loves fashion likes or has time to spend
hours browsing stores. As fashion enthusiasts, avid shoppers & experienced
businesswomen, Lee sisters select classic investment-worthy pieces for their clients.
Their goal is to find global inspirations to help consumers create looks that are classic, timeless yet uniquely theirs.

Now through Shop-e-mode, consumers can shop carefully selected couture- meets classic pieces in the comfort of their livingroom.

For further information please contact:

Sue & Cynthia Lee
2814 Soft Horizon Way
Las Vegas, NV 89135