Fashion week started early this weekend with “The-Private-Client” event hosted by TIGI SoHo salon in participation with Cesar Galindo.  Our NYC correspondent Barbara Schinazi was more than happy to sacrifice herself to the styling makeover gods and now she’s ready to tell us about it!

The 360 Image Consultation hosted by “The Private Client” took place at the Tigi Salon. There was jewelry from “Juelr”, clothes by Marta Scarampi, bathing suits, leather goods, mimosas and more.

After walking around, meeting the designers and admiring their creations, Carlene Ferguson and Monique Bryant started my 360 Image Consultation. We spoke about a myriad of things from wardrobe essentials, to lifestyle maintenance. They both spoke about women reaching a confidence through style, makeup and hairstyles to reach a sort of beauty ideal and perfection. Indeed, their main goal is for women to feel their best and look their best.

Julie Pope then started my makeup consultation. She gave me tricks in order for my skin to look more vibrant. She showed me bases such as applying concealer in an effective way, applying lipstick or even putting mascara on. These are things that every women know how to do but Julie showed me different ways to do these things.
Overall, my consultation was a great success. I left the studio looking more energetic and vital (and not only thanks to the mimosas). I felt like a more beautiful woman with new beauty tricks up my sleeve and a lovely gift bag with great  goodies inside.