Francesca Liberatore, after winning the DHL Exported program, put on a driven show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for her American debut and introduces menswear to the collection.  The masculinity of the men’s collection acts as a counterbalance to the signature Francesca Liberatore femininity.

The Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the image of a bird in a polluted surrounding; the bird bears pieces of plastic fragments, which begin to fuse to transform the creature and change the course of what would have been. The artistic prints (powered by Puntoseta) that were developed are images of birds that create geometric shapes while casually intersecting and playing with the simplicity of triangles and squares.

The silhouettes transport us back to the 70’s with retro and far west elements. The rouching complements the soft suede leathers, silk jersey, and is an interesting contrast with the dense cotton weave. For women, the color palette remains feminine from light pink to subtle hues of baby blue, which contrasts the rust and olive color palette of the menswear collection.

Empathically narrating Francesca Liberatore’s new journey, the runway show is accompanied with the unreleased soundtrack composed by songwriter Ermal Meta.The Liberatore woman chooses to reflect, but also wishes to hope, while analyzing and reading into reality, its underlining frivolous and dreamlike elements.

FRANCESCA LIBERATORE is an Italian born designer.

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