H&M does Isabel Marant

So the freak out continues over the highly anticipated Isabel Marant pour H&M collaborative collection coming up this November.  Millions will run to the stores to find their inner cool French chick style and pay no never mind to the fact that they’re paying 3x the price for a pant that was available last September.  Seriously, is it just me or does it all look a little familiar?

I swear I’ve seen similar pieces last Fall when I went to shop at H&M.  Is this perhaps H&M actually giving the designer credit for the pieces they already mass produced as knock offs? It’s slightly disturbing..an interesting concept if you will.  Basically, they’re saying, we’ll sell our stock we already ripped off from you but you can put your name on it and we’ll increase the price point for the effort.  Naturally, everyone will flock to the store..I will too I suppose as I’m glad to see the red jacket and moto pant are still available and I regret not buying them last season.

All snark aside, I’m sure this will be a highly motivated selling point for H&M and a positive collaboration much like their others of the past. I will give a hats off to the photo campaign featuring Lou Doillon, Milla Jovavich and other recognizable faces.

isabel marant pour h&m isabel marant pour h&m2 isabel marant pour h&m5


isabel marant pour h&m3 isabel marant pour h&m4 isabel marant pour h&m6

image source: the fashion spot