Holiday Travel is upon us!


Packing for a Holiday Vacation?

Packing for a vacation anywhere can be tasking, but a carry-on full of smart staples will result in some great stylish outfits. Just be sure to leave a little room in your suitcase—no matter which global city you’re jetting off to, it’s always smart to accommodate for shopping. Passports at the ready!


Photographer: Derek Wood
Stylist: Rima Vaidila 
Hair/Makeup: Erin Walters 

Blazer: Stylestalker
Skirt: Stylestalker
The key to packing for a vacation is bringing pieces that can mix, match and layer as needed. 
I love packing unique outerwear and accessory options that can add a pop to simpler pieces. 
 Purse: Gelareh Mizrahi 
Skirt: Foxiedox
An absolute must have for travel? Sneakers. Always pack your favorite 
pair in case of blisters/sore feet/impromptu hiking. 
Purse: Gelareh Mizrahi 
Skirt: Foxiedox

Blouse & Coat: SisterJane 
Top: Foxiedox 
Purse Gelareh Mizrahi
Dress: Stylestalker
Layering a little sweater over a cute dress is an easy way to get two wears out of the same dress. 
Peel the top layer off and it’s a totally new look. 

Coat: Shilla The Label 
Top: Bardot 
Pants: Stylestalker
If you’re traveling somewhere chiller…always fly in your heaviest coat to save room in your luggage or more important things (shoe options, hello!) Avoid sweating while wearing it by keeping your layers light underneath it.