WorldLifestyle Live Pink Live Green Stair-a-Thon in Santa Monica.

  • 45 participants
  • 241 Rounds of stairs walked
  • Over $1,200 raised in 2 hours

Editors @Naomiimatome & @BeautyQueenCM rock the #SantaMonicaStairs w health guru-badass @LukeSniewski!

“It was an inspiring and exciting day in Santa Monica yesterday. The WorldLifestyle Team were so proud to be able to spread awareness about the role toxins play in breast cancer risk at the WorldLifestyle Stair-a-thon. We had incredible fitness and wellness participants sweating it out for a great cause. We were also excited to sign up everyday people that had come for their daily workout, and to get the word out on how to stop cancer before it starts. We were humbled and thrilled to hear stories of how breast cancer had affected the people participating, and also to see many of them double the amount of stairs they normally do just to support the cause.  We all contributed some sweat equity for the Komen Foundation and the Breast Cancer Fund, and we felt blessed to be able to sponsor $5 for each round-trip flight of stairs completed (300+ stairs),” said WorldLifestyle Editor, Naomi Imatome-Yun.

Some Facts: 

1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime

Family history and lifestyle factors only account for 30% of breast cancer diagnoses.

What about the other 70%? 

The Science: Our breasts are vulnerable. Compared to other organs, breasts are hypersensitive to hormonal changes, which are affected by estrogen-mimicking toxic chemicals in our lotions, household cleaners, and food.

How to Stop Cancer at the Store

Avoid toxins and chemicals linked to breast cancer. Get a full list and more information on Breast Cancer Prevention here.

More information here on why breast cancer prevention matters in your 20s.