Nicole Miller

This is always one of my favorite shows.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s THE Nicole Miller or if it’s because her Fall collections always rule the school on the runway.  Either way, I’m never disappointed and always thrilled to attend the show.

This season Miller felt inspired after coming across a painting of a forest   “But I wanted to go a little deeper, so I got into this idea of mythic arts, symbols and illustrations,” she told WWD.  It wasn’t an enchanted forest she was channeling, but something a bit more dark and mysterious.

The result, a mixture of forest prints, fur and dark elements reticent of a cool rocker chick with a hefty paycheck. With Miller there is always an element of luxury and high-end tailoring  that  transcends that typical leather biker jacket or pant and transform those single pieces into an entire chic  fashion statement.

This Fall her collection is just that….chic and cool.nicole-miller01 nicole-miller05 nicole-miller07 nicole-miller15 nicole-miller14 nicole-miller10 nicole-miller09 nicole-miller16 nicole-miller17 nicole-miller18 nicole-miller19 nicole-miller39 nicole-miller22 nicole-miller20 nicole-miller40