Pampadour beauty is teaming up with cult favorite Vincent Longo Cosmetics for a giveaway! What makes this contest extra special? The lucky winner will be able to choose the blush and lipstick shades they receive, plus the much-adoured Water Canvas Base Primer. The giveaway’s running until Tuesday, March 4th. Click here to enter and remember to use the hashtag #VincentLongo in your post!


Pamp this photo (or a Vincent Longo product), along with the hashtag #VincentLongo to the feed to enter our Pick Your Shade giveaway! STEPS: 1. Register/log in to Pampadour. 2. Click ‘PAMP IT’ above this photo, and select ‘TO THE FEED’. 3. In the message, type the hashtag #VincentLongo. Hit ‘SUBMIT’! RULES: 1. All participants must register to Pampadour.com and accept our terms of service. 2. Pamp products as often as you’d like – increased entries increase your chance to win! Use the hashtag #VincentLongo. 3. Participants must live in the United States. 4. Participants must be 18 years or older. 5. Your user account on Pampadour must be public throughout the duration of the contest. 6. This contest is sponsored by Vincent Longo and runs from now until Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Winner will be chosen by Pampadour. 7. Your email address will be shared with Vincent Longo Cosmetics. To be eligible for winning the giveaway, YOU MUST OPT IN TO RECEIVING VINCENT LONGO COSMETICS EMAILS.