I enjoyed this presentation.  Brightly mixed patterns and a little 60s feel to it.

The SAUNDER Spring / Summer 2015 collection was inspired by the Iron Butterfly song ‘Inna Gadda Davida.’ It was released in 1968, during what is known to be the beginning of the heavy metal era. This season’s collection explores the concept of a rock n’ roll Garden of Eden and is loaded with bright florals, prescription pills, and deconstructed snake prints.

MEGAN ISAACS for SAUNDER marks the third collaboration with the accessories designer. For the new collection, Rock ‘n Roll Garden of Eden, Megan Isaacs was also inspired the 1968 heavy metal song. The collection is composed of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and ear cuffs, incorporating a mix of snakes, flowers, pills, and chains, creating pieces that are fresh, fun, witty, and 100% rock ‘n roll.

SAUNDER, the contemporary ready-to-wear line by Manhattan-based designer Emily Saunders, can be best described as a reflection of the varied, worldly tastes and temperament of its designer. Saunders infuses her line with global influences, reflecting her early life traveling often to cities far and wide, but always tinges it with an overall flavor of her hometown, New York City. SAUNDER encapsulates the essence of femininity with a quirky eclectic twist, providing beautifully unique clothes for any occasion. SAUNDER is produced from start to finish in Manhattan’s Garment District, holding quality and craftsmanship to the highest standard. MEGAN ISAACS for SAUNDER: Native New Yorker Megan Issacs grew up in the same downtown Manhattan neighborhood as Emily Saunders, and the two attended the United Nations International School together. Megan mixes her South African heritage and her New York upbringing to create wearable art jewelry line incorporating bold shapes in sterling silver, semi- precious stones and found objects into her diverse collections. Each piece is crafted by hand in the artist’s studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, using eco-friendly materials and metalworking techniques.

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