Wacky, Dramatic, Fantastical..Paris Fashion Week

Fashion is like art.  Designers are artists.  Fashion is also subjective.  I for one love the crazy because I immediately think of how magnificent the piece would look in a photo.  Others will argue that the piece looks like a ripped up dress from an old Halloween costume.  Again, subjective. I chose a few of my favorite dramatic brands to show the range of the shows in Paris.  We had the perfectly refined ie Valentino to the lavishly ornate ie Chanel.  These brands below would fall under the dramatic. Whether you love them or you hate them or just don’t get them…they are anything if not thought provoking.

Comme des Garcon:  I’m with you, I just don’t get it but I think it would look fantastic in a Fashion Editorial.

Vivienne Westwood:  The makeup I thought was so creative.  The heart-shaped faces drawn on everyone.  The collection I felt tended to be a little Frankensteinish but again that’s what we enjoy about Westwood, she’s strange.

Alexander McQueen:  I love McQueen.  The brand has managed to keep the strange unique quality it’s creator intended.  Again, it would all look amazing in a photograph.

John Galliano: Beautiful.  The dramatic whimsy illuminated the catwalk.

Jean Paul Gaultier (JPG) :  We love him.  I wanted to give JPG another shout out as there can not be a wacky dramatic fantastical fashion post without including him…again. I thought this show had such a sense of humor.  It was truly memorable and just as entertaining.

So there you have it…my picks for the strange, unusual and fantastic.  We would like to thank all of the PR firms that sent us invitations.  We would also like to thank each and every designer for the work they put into each season.  Being included in Paris fashion week was a dream come true for us at Bisous and it’s one we will not soon forget. Here are some iphone photos. A bientot!  Shelli Wright / Christopher Bredesen your editors.