Campaign trail continues…This one from one of our favorites Alexander Wang.  For fall Wang has got things on lockdown – literally. Citing the idea of “survival mode” as an inspiration Wang and Steven Klein (Art Partner) serve up women’s prison imagery with a fashion twist. Anna EwersVanessa MoodyLexi BolingKatlin Aas and Kat Hessen sport the utilitarian fall collection as they’re plunged into a world of confinement. With Karl Templer styling you’re not going to see any orange jumpsuits and the girls look exceptional even as they impatiently await sentencing. Alexander_Wang_Fall_Winter_2014_2015_ad_1-700x455 Alexander_Wang_Fall_Winter_2014_2015_ad_2-700x455-1 Alexander_Wang_Fall_Winter_2014_2015_ad_3-700x455-1 Alexander_Wang_Fall_Winter_2014_2015_ad_5-700x455