What a wonderful week!

This week was a doozy.  We had several appointments, phone calls, skype sessions, the never ending favor asking, securing advertising, meeting with the party planner for the launch event, and to top it off a cover shoot editoral to prep!  By the way, we adore all of you who are helping us make this magazine a reality.

Today was no different but we took Bisous Mag out into the field to shoot some informative interviews for our BisousTV section of the new website launching soon. Don’t worry kiddos, there will still be blogging galore on the new site. We just can’t help ourselves.   We are on a mission to share, inform and brighten your day with what we find interesting hopefully you will find it interesting too!  For the weekend we’ll leave you with a little something that no girl should be without … shoes!

We interviewed Adam Drawas of Factory PR today at his showroom. Two words Camilla Skovgaard. Her shoes are works of art.