Yesterday was a huge success!

Yesterday we did our cover shoot and fashion editorial for our premier summer issue launching in April.  The dream team was put to the test as we worked through torrential rainfall, blustering winds, and a model short at call time.  Today it’s 72 degrees. Yesterday we were lucky if it stopped raining long enough for a quick romp in a field nearby and temperatures hovered at about 48 degrees.  Needless to say, we ended up shooting four models from the ever so helpful LA MODELS and approximately 20 looks total. We are assured this is going to be some issue!

Our own Art Director CHRIS BREDESEN shooting side by side with Creative Director SHELLI WRIGHT for our Cover shoot with the lovely MARGARITA from LA MODELS.


For all of you who may be interested in submitting please reach out to us. Deadline is approaching MAR 1st for consideration and MAR 10 for final deadilne turn in.  We encourage anyone who has an interest in fashion, blogging, writing or professional photography to submit.  We’d like to have this SUMMER ISSUE jammed packed with style and information.

For those of you interested in Advertising in this issue please contact us. We are doing a special for this premier issue.

Thanks again for reading along……….