A Body of Royalty for the Lipstick Queen

If you don’t know anything else, know this: a woman will not leave the house without her lipstick. It’s like a badge of honor for the fashionista, sporting eye-catching colors on her perfectly lined pout. And although there are a gazillion brands out there for women to choose from, Body of Royalty is on a serious mission to make all women feel like the queen of the universe.

Just two years in the cosmetic industry, Body of Royalty introduced ten, rich shades of lipsticks suitable for the most conservative woman to the one that is bold and daring. Enchante and Jet Setter are my ultimate faves–hues of pink and bright orange that are true to color and will look fabulous on any skin tone. Natural Beauty is a sexy, nude lip color and Scandal is a scandalicious, deep red. These lipsticks are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The Vitamin E in these gorgeous tubes makes them smooth in texture and conditions the lips, which is a definite plus considering the summer heat. For the creative folks working in the beauty/entertainment industry, the colors photograph beautifully. And on a personal note: I especially like these because there is no waxy buildup on the lips. We makeup artists hate that.

My addiction to collecting lipsticks is just as bad as Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe fixation in “Sex in The City.” I have to have them. And I am happy to discover that the founders of Body of Royalty are planning to expand their line with eyeshadows, cheek color, and other products. Influenced by the women in their lives, President and CEO Joseph Chargois and Creative Director and CEO Jermelle Pitts agree that all women should feel empowered regardless of race, weight, intelligence, or financial status. These two wanted to reflect their beliefs within the brand, creating a product line that is both affordable and high in quality. This is totally on point. And just to add a bit of history, in 1929 during the Great Depression, the number one selling product was lipstick. What’s the connection, you ask? When you look good, you feel good.

Jessica Williams is a creative expert with seventeen years in the beauty, film and entertainment industry. She’s worked on the Broadway musical Wicked, Aida, and the NBC series, “The Playboy Club.” She writes a bi-monthly beauty column, “Beauty Works” for Patch.com, a hyperlocal news platform owned by AOL and is the founder of The Maitre-d of Makeupbeauty blog. Jessica’s first e-book, “It’s Makeup, Not Rocket Science!” is available on Amazon.com. This “how to” book is designed to educate women step by step on makeup and skincare.