A love affair with GOLD

Contributed by Paiman and Sormeh Salimpour of Sormeh Lifestyle.

A romance of a dance, real, surreal, confident, obsessive, excessive, yet, playfully precise. Gold on gold, a celebration of wealth, power, history, and religion; the ancient and the modern all at once. Rebellion in a form of punk rock, with the luxury of not caring; the brightness and intensity of gold. A sole expression of emotion, vision, and most of all, craft. These are some of the feelings that have stayed with us since we left Laurel Dewitt’s show. Such a stunning presentation of her heart and soul, where we were
transported into a world of dreams… but this time it was real!

In our opinion, the unfortunate thing about fashion these days is that it  does not give you enough time to immerse yourself, as if the world is ending tomorrow, all things have become standing only as long as one
can Instagram it. Yet again we come from an unconventional land of our selves, a Kingdom where life is meant to be savored and enjoyed, breaking each event and moment into seconds of pure joy and immersion.

Perhaps that is the reason why our review of Laurel Dewitt’s collection is coming a few weeks after the actual show. The whole evening was magical; from walking into the High Line hotel, passing through the
whimsical front hall, and following the trail of beautiful people into the old courtyard, up the steps where candles have lit the passage for us all. It really was not just about the collection for us, as most of it was not realistic day to day wear, but it was about the whole sole of the experience.

We at Sormeh lifestyle are grateful and thankful to all the creative people who help create these beautiful moments that are shaping our lives. Here is to you all who made this stunning show come alive! Thank you for allowing us a walk in the corridor of your imagination and passion.

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Paiman and Sormeh are the mother daughter design team behind Sormehlifestyle.com