Go Bold: Hot Hair Colors for Summer Style

As more celebrities embrace bright hues on the red carpet, it’s no surprise that women throughout the country are following suit. However, most women opt for a less dramatic take on the trend than their star counterparts, sporting shocks of bold hair and creating a surprising and satisfying pop of color. Below, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, gives tips on how to best wear striking tones on a regular basis.
“The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a hair color is to know your skin tone and what looks best. For ladies with fair skin, pastel hues including light pinks and blues are very flattering. Medium skin tones should try to choose a color that compliments hair; for instance, if you have reddish highlights, go for a red tone, even into the pink family. Women with dark skin can really have fun with this trend by choosing deep jewel hues like emerald and ruby. But have fun with it! All of these options allow for a quick-fix and will bring out your inner liveliness,” Gocha says.


Streaks of bold colors are one of the most interesting and eye-catching ways to pull off this look. Explains Gocha, “I always recommend having a few shocking streaks in the hair. It’s not beneficial to have many as it detracts from the overall look. You want to keep the contrast significant so that the streaks pop.” It’s also flattering to choose different areas of the hair to focus on. For instance, as Gocha points out, “Zeroing in on one section is always a good way to ensure that you don’t go overboard. Try dying just the lower half of your bangs or one large strand from your ponytail for an unexpected twist.”


There are many ladies who are interested in sporting a bright hue for one night, but would prefer to be able to return back to their more subdued, every-day look the following day. For them, Gocha has a great solution: “Extensions are the best way to temporarily rock a bright hair color, with virtually no downside or risk of adversely affecting your hair.” Dye extensions at home in order to achieve the perfect color for your skin tone. As Gocha clarifies, “Make sure that extensions are damp prior to dying. If your hair is darker, opt for a saturated tone like a bright pink or blue. If your hair is light, try something softer like a pastel for an ethereal effect. Clip underneath the top layer of your hair for a subtle, peekaboo of color.”


Ombre is perhaps the most brave of the bright hair color trends for this season. For the more daring woman, this might be the smartest style decision you’ve ever made, suggests Gocha. “I am a big fan of going for it when it comes to hair. With the right tips or stylist, you can make a huge change in your personal style, and it grows back! For the ombre look, begin by sectioning hair and start applying dye from the bottom up. As you want the tips of your hair to be the most saturated with color, this is an important step to note. Keep dye on the ends for about half the time the directions suggest, and then begin dying the next section of hair. Do not remove the dye from the tips. At the end, dilute the color on the ends with water, and wash and dry. This will create a fading effect that is attractive and magnetic.”

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Images courtesy of Buzznet.com