Heat Wave: Summer Beauty Woes Solved

While the summer is the most carefree time of the year, it presents many problems when it comes to the world of beauty. For women in particular, the summer months can mean a retirement for your makeup and surrendering your hair to the elements. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, provides tips for how to combat the heat and keep yourself looking flawless on those long summer nights.

The Battle of the Frizz

Getting a good haircut is your best defense against the harsh elements of summer weather. From thunderstorms to humidity, the biggest enemy for your hair is breakage. Gocha explains, “A lot of women forget that regular trims are needed to prevent split ends; when ends become split, it hinders hair health and creates frizz. I recommend getting a trim every 6-8 weeks.”

While most women consider products for purely styling purposes, there are many that are designed specifically to help combat the heat and aid in preventing split ends, keeping hair smooth. What are the best products to stop frizz from occurring? “Silicone-based anti-frizz serums or sprays are best to combat the humidity. However, most women don’t know that it’s important to apply product every time you style in order to ensure that there is a buffer between hair and the heat of the styling tool. Ask your stylist for a recommendation or take note of the product that they use when you get your hair done at a salon to know what’s best for your texture. I would suggest Bumble and bumble’s Defrizz Serum,” Gocha says.

 Even when you don’t think you have the time for it, deep conditioning can be the difference between a silky set of tresses and dry, dull hair. As Gocha puts it, “Deep conditioning is the golden rule when it comes to overall hair health. If you want your hair to look its best, maintain a strict schedule of deep conditioning at least every two weeks. This goes a long way in helping hair maintain its shine and strength, which prevents breakage and eliminates frizz. My favorite is Kerastase Nutridefense.”


Make Your Makeup Work

 The old adage “less is more” does not have to apply when it comes to your summer makeup habits, but how can you protect your skin and sport your go-to beauty looks? Gocha explains, “There is always room for sunscreen in your routine. You always need to protect your skin, regardless of your overall look. Prior to applying any makeup, slather on the sunscreen. For touch-ups throughout the day, without ruining your style, try a product like Laura Hutton’s 24/7 SPF 18 Makeup-Friendly Hydrating Mist.”

 As far as other products are concerned, ladies need to rely on lightweight, steadfast options. Gocha suggests, “Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Revlon’s Colorstay Active Light Makeup give amazing, flawless coverage and alleviate the need for reapplication. I know lots of women who wouldn’t dream of going out without their eye makeup done; for these ladies, I recommend MAC’s Liquid Eyeliner, which has a waterproof component, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Mascara AquaResistant. Both are smudge proof and long-lasting.”

What’s the best advice that Gocha can provide when it comes to summer makeup? “When the temperatures are climbing, the reality is that touch-ups will need to take place. Make sure that you’re prepared with Shiseido’s Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, that way you can feel confident that your face will look flawless all day long.”

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