I was told a Alien ship would land…Supermodels huh?

Ok so I should preface by saying I didn’t watch the closing ceremonies per se.. I also heard that the Spice Girls were going to sing? Did they? That would be cool. Spice Girls unzipping alien costumes as they walk down a runway from a alien ship? Oh man. Now would be a closing ceremony. This is all I got.

The best of British supermodels including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell took centre stage for a tribute to British fashion at the Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony.Kate Moss wearing Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Karen Elson wearing Burberry, and Lily Cole wearing Erdem.

And after all the fan fare someone posts a photo of what Kate Moss REALLY looks like without photoshop. Scary like an alien. Thank you London Olympics!  I’m not disappointed afterall.

Later note..Alrighty then, I’ve now actually watched the ceremony. Yay for the Spice Girls!  And yes all the makeup in the world will not hide what Kate really looks like in HD. yikes. It’s the end of an era.