Just Splashing… Oscar de la Renta Spring 2018

A splash of color here, a splash of color there. Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2018 collection was all about bright splashes of colors and his signature on gallery white, even the location was such. I mean some may argue that the collection was a departure from what we are use to from the late de la Renta but it is a ready to wear collection after all. Here’s the back story….

Sarah Jessica Parker wore an Oscar de la Renta ballgown to the Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The train of the gown bore de la Renta’s signature in scarlet embroidery an idea of Parker’s that de la Renta was uncomfortable with. But since his departure, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, two of de la Renta alums, have decided that the late designer’s modesty isn’t important but the celebration of his work is…hence the updated vision and a refreshed logo.

De la Renta’s personal script is an integral part of the spring 2018 collection. It serves as embellishment on dresses, skirts and coats and pretty much anywhere else his long, elegant letters might fit.

The collection, presented at Sotheby’s auction house, draws inspiration from an artist’s canvas. There are smocks and jeans that look as if they were splattered with paint yet not paint at all it’s  embroidery. The slender pumps, covered in natural canvas and splashed with color, have heels that resemble the handle of a paint brush and the party dresses look like abstract paintings.