LEYII at Concept Korea

The scene was chaotic backstage at the Concept Korea runway show.  A show comprised of 3 hand picked Korean designers chosen by today’s most established industry professionals.  Suenghee Lee was one of the chosen and seemed to be completely calm considering she was 20 minutes away from showing her women’s wear collection LEYII at Mercedes Benz New York fashion  week for the first time.Concept+Korea+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+rVQKizzqx7Ll Concept+Korea+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+PorldBcwPP-l Concept+Korea+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+uynUTJ8vod5l

LEYII is a clothing brand designed by SUENGHEE LEE who is a Korean, London based designer, who we were fortunate enough to have a little fashion week chat with prior to her first collection runway show in New York.

LEYII’s Spring Summer 2015 collectionis titled, “Rhythmic Contrast.” Inspired by Alexander Calder, an artist who is known for inventing the Mobile.  In keeping with Calders theories of suspension  LEYII uses straight lines, flat surfaces and primary hues to create natural curves and rhythm in her collection. Achieving this “balanced contrast” is accomplished through mixing various materials and colors in disorienting ways, creating 3 dimensional silhouettes.  “I mix design elements to create the feeling of suspension,” Lee said.

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