MOSCHINO mylittlepony+biker+ftd = ?

Franco Moschino relentlessly mocked the fashion system yet profited by it. He used shows as theater and humor as marketing. Garments were his picket-line placards:  Freedom was Moschino’s mantra—freedom from ideas of propriety, from the wastefulness engendered by trends, from rules. Enter Jeremy Scott.

Scott has maintained the brand’s political satire and humor we have come to expect from a Moschino show, although I’m not sure what statement he’s trying to make with bringing back the “my little pony” and putting it on grown women.  If you don’t know, I can not stand this trend of dressing adults as children. But I’ll save that for a WTF blog. This is about the show…let’s continue.

You can not help feeling a bit of deja vu watching Kaia Gerber open the show dressed almost identically to her mom Cindy Crawford’s Peter Lindbergh editorial shot decades ago.  You also can’t deny the Madonna inspired belts and tutus and don’t forget the cropped Linda Evangelista hair. 90s represented for certain.  Maybe that was Scott’s message. Recycle? Possibly. Then came the cascade of gorgeous floral arrangements, I mean models dressed as flowers and arrangements. I do think Bella Hadid looked nice as a gift bouquet.  Anyway, for all of you who saved your biker jackets (me) and your Moschino biker jacket clutch (me) and let’s not forget the My Little Pony nightgown (not me) you’re golden and we should all probably sing “like a virgin” as we skip down Happy Lane.