New Campaign for Fendi has people questioning the house

Kendall’s Fendi backlash
By Joanna McGuinness

Kendall Fendi

With numerous campaigns, a reality empire and model of the moment status, it seemed like Kendall Jenner could do no wrong. That is until the unveiling of her new ad campaign for Fendi. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, Kendall clutches a pale pink handbag in the shots whilst sporting her signature doe eyed look. Fashion fans were left far from impressed at the campaign’s unveiling with many branding it cheap, tacky and a complete disappointment.

Kendall took to her instagram to showcase her first Fendi collaboration quickly generating 1.1 million likes. Despite the phenomenal response critics were extremely vocal with their negative opinions. “Hands down the worst Fendi campaign ever!” raged one commenter with another adding
“there’s no tension in her body, she just stands there…it really bugs me!!”
The most insulting comment came in the form of criticizing the model’s career. “That house deserves more and Kendall deserves nothing. She is NOT a model”.

Despite the negative feedback Kendall is killing it on the fashion scene, with high end designers clambering to book her for shows and campaigns.

Say what you want about her, but Kendall’s career continues to soar with no signs of a decline for the near future.