Trolling lookbooks…come on people, have some creativity

So whilst trolling the up and coming look books of various brands I realized every single one of them looked the same.  Stagnant. Boring. Literally the same shot taken over and over in different clothing.  I know this all too well.  You try to convince a brand that there are other ways to do a lookbook, but ultimately they just want a line sheet with a pretty girl.

It boggles my mind as I’ve seen many brands gain leaps and bounds by concentrating on their Branding not necessarily the clothing.  The clothing changes every three months. Every three months there’s another look book. Instead of concentrating on the clothing, how about launching the brand instead?  You can successfully do both. Over the course of the next few days I’m going to post some of my favorites!  BRAVO for thinking outside of the box!

Minden Chan does amazing look books.  He designs t shirts.  He is successful. Very. He casted Lindsey Wixon two months before she did Prada and became huge.  He has figured out that it’s not the clothing, it’s the aesthetic.  Your model is your brand.  Your photographer is your brand.  Your creative styling…makes your brand. Wrinkles in clothing, unfinished looks…it’s OK.  You’re selling a brand not one season.  I wish more designers would recognize this.  I can tell you it would be much more interesting. Then again perhaps a degree from MIT helps.

Photography: Aneta Bartos (New York, | Model: Jennifer Pugh (IMG NY) | Hair: Seiji Yamada (The Wall Group NY) | Collection: Minden Chan SS 2012 | Location: NYC

Photography: Jamie Nelson (New York, | Model: Lindsey Wixson (Marilyn NY) | Hair: Ryan Taniguchi (Kate Ryan NY) | Makeup: Lottie Stannard (The Wall Group NY) | Set: Danielle von Braun | Collection: Minden Chan SS 2010 | Location: Studio