UP with Ta-Tas!

Written by Beauty Editor Andrea Cansler

My fellow bearers of breasts, the time has come to literally rise up and come together! Say goodbye to sagging slings and hello to UpBra; the world’s first fully adjustable cleavage lift-up bra. This bra is basically an antidepressant for the flesh, and the ActiveLift® system does exactly what it says. Within the bra is a locking system of adjustable straps that allow you to adjust your desired cleavage from “sexy subtle space” to “hey, now I have a place to stash my credit card!” After we tried the bra on, we actually sang the theme song to The Jefferson’s because the UpBra moved us on up, and we loved it! The inner lining of the bra has these cool gripping hearts that ensure your cleavage will stay up throughout the day, and it can also be worn strapless. So, give it up to our new favorite friend, who has your back, but more importantly- your front.

www.upbra.com $84