#WANGFEST as Alexander takes it to the streets

So it was interesting, the #wangfest. Without reading the press release or his interview this editor’s take on the show that hit the streets Saturday night was one of ponder. I may have missed the message completely I admit. Then again, at this point in Alexander Wang’s brilliant and successful career he is probably surrounded by people who just nod and say, “Sounds great man!”

Mostly, the models resembled serious walks of shame or party girl #wangovers wearing deconstructed ensembles resembling suits, torn Chanel¬† knit looking jackets, mismatched athleisure pieces of leather and denim and strewn about sparkle lingerie. I imagine every social lite in town will be wearing the Wang tiara in no time complete with cigarette hanging from their heads. And who can blame them…it’s Wangerful.

I will say it was quite a spectacle.