Winter Ain’t Over Yet – Here’s the Coat You Need

by Pauline Ma

… we’ve discovered it – and it’s amazing it took us this long. We put this Free Country Parka Down Jacket* to the ultimate test so far this season: Jonas (case in point: the photo below, in an eerily empty
Times Square). image3

Winter ain’t over yet – with temperatures in NYC dipping to the low 30’s over the next week, you’ll thank yourself for making the investment now and to be more than prepared for winters to come.

The jacket is constructed of a canvas-like fabric on its exterior which stands up to even harsh weather conditions. The interior is lined with a quilted fabric for extra warmth… that, plus the double zipper closure in the front ensures you’re snug and cozy inside even if you’re walking outside in freezing temperatures.
The built-in layers of the design are great at blocking wind and anything else (rain, snow). Perhaps the biggest surprise of all on this jacket for us is the faux fur hood, which is remarkably warm. When wearing it, no other headband or earmuffs are needed; it’s actually so heavy duty that it blocks out a lot of the street noise, and when it snows, it works great to catch the falling snow so that it doesn’t even reach your face.freecountry_parkadownjacket

We honestly don’t think we’ve ever experienced a warmer jacket. It is, after all, part of Free Country’s Arctic Down series and uses a natural duck down (minimum 70%) to do the job.The style featured here is currently $126.00. A quick look around the Free Country website and you’ll see that all the styles have the following attributes in common: they’re functional, well-constructed, and a great value for the price. image1

Disclaimer: The jacket was provided for review. The commentary shared here is based on our personal opinion and experience with the product.