And just like that we’re back…

Isn’t it funny that 2021 just sort of disappeared that in our minds only 2020 exists like we lumped both into one year? Weird.  But, fashion went on as it does. How lucky are we that we actually have time posts to signify that year did exist. ALRIGHT it’s 2022 now. Here’s the recent NYFW COLLECTIONS for Fall 2022 something to look forward to right?  And yes, they are not in any  specific order. You’ll know when we hit one we hate. duh, we’re BISOUS and we’re back.

I love Proenza Schouler always have. I’m glad to see we’re starting on a chic track. I mean don’t even get me started on the Chanel couture show with a horse. I’ll leave that up to our counterpart and sister publication EQLUXE.


Ottessa Moshfegh provided a short story that the designers distributed on the show’s bench seats; its title asked “Where Will We Go Next?” That’s a good question.