So it’s been a bit.  Just when I think I never want to go to another fashion show I get an invite, then following the show as of late, I wish I hadn’t.

Can we discuss the Rodarte show? I know, I know the The Mulleavys are known for applying couture-like craftsmanship to clothes and wearability is usually well, subjective. I get it it’s their thing. But usually in the least I suspect designs that are wow and interesting looking. I found their Fall 23 collection to be reminiscent of a Disney movie where the lady gives the girl the apple. You know the one. Or maybe a rip off of Tim Burton film but not as cool. Either way, I’ve seen it before. So many times.  The makeup, the silhouette been there done that.  I will say bravo on the fairy prints and the shredded bulbous fringe ball? I don’t know how else to describe it. Original I guess.

Anyway, you tell me. And Scene.