Have Baggage?

Flying from fashion week to fashion week can take it’s toll. But are you eyes always puffy or discolored? Do your eyes have the bags? Have you tried everything? Some aesthetic treatments may work for some but others according to Oculopastic Surgeon Dr. Parsa of Beverly Hills you may have to either stop rubbing or hit an office. Beverly Hills Oculopastic Surgeon Dr. Kami Parsa explains the 5 most common reasons why you might have dark undereye circles, and how to treat them – from surgery to makeup and everything in between.

Reason #1 – Anatomical Issues

Anatomical issues such as puffy eye bags or hollow undereyes can cause a shadow to form, creating the appearance of dark undereye circles. Interestingly, many patients incorrectly identify whether they’re puffy or hollow, so it’s best to get a doctor’s feedback before committing to a treatment, which can vary from surgery to volume replacement depending on your anatomy.

Reason #2 – Chronic Inflammation

“Inflammation leads to deposition of pigment on skin,” explains Dr. Parsa. This can be caused by chronic low grade inflammation from allergies, which may see patients frequently rubbing their eyes and bringing on this unwanted pigmentation. The best treatment sounds simple but definitely requires “training” – refrain from rubbing your eyes! If you are beset with itchy, allergic eyes, try patting them with a tissue or warm washcloth vs. rubbing.

Reason #3 – Thin Skin

“There are some patients with skin so thin that you can actually see the muscle underneath, giving an appearance of a dark circle,” Dr. Parsa explains. Treatments may include specific topicals, microneedling and lasers, or even nanofat injections under the skin around the eyes. “The stem cells from the nanofat are a great way to help thicken skin and build collagen, and can reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by thin skin.”

Reason #4 – Venous Congestion

Patients with venous congestion – aka undereye veins – have very blue discoloration. If you look closely, you can see that the veins in this area are engorged. Treatment may include surgery or lasers.

Reason #5 – Genetic Pigmentation

“There are some patients who are genetically born with darker pigmentation around their eyes – and that’s just the way it is,” Dr. Parsa explains. How do you know if this is you? If others in your family also have dark undereye pigmentation, it’s likely to be genetic. Makeup and certain brightening creams may help cover the circles, but genetic pigmentation is stubbornly resistant to aesthetic treatments.

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