It’s a Valentine’s roundup!

Photo by Roei Sarusi

So things may be changing around BISOUS but you can always count on us to share some of our fav VDAY gifts and discounts with you. This year is no different.

Share  Beauty!

Everyone loves a little blue box on Valentine’s day. Anyone who says they don’t is sort of loony.  Tiffany has quite the selection for your small or larger gift needs. Don’t be afraid click away



Sometimes you just need to purchase something for yourself right? Start right here…perfect gift travel set, so on your mini-vacay, you’re ready!

KATE SOMERVILLE Hydration Warriors Kit $75

A four-piece set of Kate’s high-powered hydration products formulated to boost and retain moisture, visibly erase wrinkles, plump and cleanse skin, in sizes perfect for trial or travel.

Hydration Warriors Kit includes:

DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior® , Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover (0.5 Fl. Oz.), Wrinkle Warrior® 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serum (0.5 Fl. Oz.) Wrinkle Warrior® Pink Plumping Mask (1 Fl. Oz.)


Need a new fragrance for the special day? Try one of these candy-colored options from the collection! Paraben & Phthalate Free, Vegan, and Cruelty Free. 
WILD CHILD: Unleash your inner troublemaker with this flirty blend of jasmine and gardenia. Best worn with a twinkle in your eye.
SECRET GENIUS: Melt hearts with this romantic blend of vanilla and caramel. Perfect for hatching plans and sneaking kisses.
PINROSE: Captivate the crowd with this unexpected rose and leather blend. Perfect for tap-dancing your way to lucky breaks.
Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 9.56.28 AM.jpg

Now we need some more baubles…..for him and her


Thankfully, ladies have their pick of options all within one brand. M-Clip is known for their craftsmanship of high quality money clips, cufflinks and tie clips. M-Clip’s signature money clips are made with high-end materials such as rhodium, stainless steel and carbon fiber inlays. Their Tightwad Money Clips are also made with high-end carbon fiber that are guaranteed never to stretch or break.








Keeping in tradition with high quality materials and craftsmanship, all cufflinks are machine carved from bars of stainless steel and are never cast or stamped like most on the market.



($159 – $189) | Available at Solgaard
The chic mobile office; reinvented. Includes solar panel, 6x powerbank, USB port, bluetooth speaker, anti-theft lock, drop-proof laptop storage, and more.*Giving Back: SOLGAARD invests a proceed of each and every item purchased to removing 5lbs of plastic from the world’s oceans.


A variety of jewelry that will suit every mood. And they’re having a sale for Valentines day!Use the code LOVE25 for 25% off all orders.

Set The Mood


“That was time you fell in love and it was awesome,” candle has notes of fresh lavender and citrus blossoms. *soy candle *hand-poured in Colorado starting at $6.00


Time to slip into something more comfortable?


(AW:AN) Slip Dress for that special someone for Valentine‘s Day! Price: $176.00

The lounge-sleepwear inspired Norwegian brand prides itself in ethical and sustainable manufacturing, with a focus on ultimate comfort and style, using natural and innovative technical fibers – the perfect gift for the modern woman. The AW:AN Slip Dress Technical Cashmere or 100% Tencel, machine wash up to 30 degrees
Colors : Nude Pink , Burgundy and Deep Sea Blue.
…. Any purchases made from now until Valentine‘s day, using the special promo code, ‘ myvalentine20 ‘, will receive a 20% discount + exclusive wrapping + free shipping!

The Lucille slipper by Somersby is the perfect gift for the girl that loves to put their best foot forward. Combining classic elegance with a sense of ease, the Lucille slippers will be a staple in her chic wardrobe.

Now for dessert?


End your night with a dessert that won’t leave you feeling bloated or sluggish. Reveri, a plant-based dessert, contains no dairy, no added sugar, no sweeteners, or fats, and averages only 82 calories for a 4-ounce serving. The Chocolate Forest flavor is a Belgian dark chocolate treat with a rich, unexpected indulgence, you won’t believe it’s not ice cream.