We Say Goodbye

As someone who has always been a fashion advocate whether it’s been behind the camera or promoting those in front of it there has always been a goal… to attend a fashion show where Karl Lagerfeld waves at the end. #chanel

We can all agree that Karl Lagerfeld was a driving force in the fashion industry, a rocket ship if you will defining brands and lifestyles the world over. Whether he was designing, consulting or shooting he stood the test of time and still and forever more will remain relevant. His revival of Chanel years ago, the creative force behind Chloe and of course the never evolving trends of Fendi over the last 50 years are true testaments  to his dedication and devotion to the fashion industry.  A genius he will always be and although several will try to follow, there will always and only be one Karl Lagerfeld. We will miss him.

Some of my favorite moments in Lagerfeld’s time line.