You can’t really expect anything less from what I like to call the big French 5 in fashion..YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy, Dior….yes I know there are more, many more, but these brands created the fashion world we live in and still manage to sustain the opulent feel of what we regard as true high fashion.  Hold on to your seats kids cause we’re going for a very fun ride through next Spring’s collections.  I’ll also be doing a special on my favorite designers who are strange and unusual but oh so creative in their delivery. So stay tuned for more fashion recaps of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013 later this week.

YSL this collection focused on the dreamy.  The mystical.  I found the flowy jewel toned peasant shirts, dresses and over-sized brimmed hats to create a period feel to each design.  The models looked like moving vamps from a film as they floated down the catwalk.

On the opposite side of the coin we had the bright and fantastical Louis Vuitton show.  Last season we all remember the “My Fair Lady” influence as our girls walked the runway with steamer trunks in oversized flower girl hats and long overcoats.  Well slip out of your layered turn of the century garb and step into what could only be described as 60s POW as lovely teamed twin-like models walked the runway in tandem.  And yes ladies, those are extremely pointy shoes…they’re back.Chanel.  What can I say about the Chanel show in the Grand Palais.  It was huge.  Giant windmills stretched across the ceiling as shoulder padded models dressed in peculiar yet recognizable Chanel signature styled  garden party get ups strolled the catwalk. Yes, the shoulder pad is back.DIOR well the cinch is still relevant, glitter on the eyes not too sure about, but I did love the pastel color pallet mixed with spring time tones gave the collection a very feminine soft quality.GIVENCHY elegant, modern and sophisticated.  I’m still not sold on the neck wear but it did give the show a certain futuristic quality in which I like.  So there ya go in a small nutshell. Stay tuned for more as I delve into the strange and unusual designs that drifted up and down the catwalk  during this weeks final shows. I’ll leave you with some pics snapped with the iphone!