PFW Street or should I say Garden fashion

So we went to the Tuileries to the Tents to Viktor and Rolf’s show.  It was a gorgeous day and it was the first I’ve walked by the tents.  Crazy, is a word that comes to mind.  People dressing up just to have their pictures taken by other people who were dressed up.  I suddenly realized that I wasn’t dressed up enough as I wasn’t expecting the spectacular parade of whos whos, whos nots, fashionistas, paparazzis, tourists standing in awe, and of course the fashion groupies who are just as that sounds…waiting for  backstage passes.

We had so much fun.  Pulled out my 300 mm lens and jumped in with everyone else including the master of the bunch BILL CUNNINGHAM.  For those of you not in the know, Mr. Cunningham has been shooting street fashion, oh hell  he pretty much invented street fashion shooting 30 sum years ago, maybe more.  He’s about 75/80 maybe.  And I took his picture.  For once someone called his name instead of vice/versa.  What a wonderful fabulous day!