R-13 Western Punk


Let’s call Chris Leba, designer  of the R-13 Label, a frontiersman. Bringing forth a fun label with punk and rock appeal that’s also wearable. This collection tied into the western theme that seems to be utterly prevalent on this season’s runways by using upcycling denims and leathers. We’re all about upcycling.

Western-style belts, over-the-top (literally) ten-gallon hats, and bolo ties were thrown into the mix too, which added some Americana vibes to the otherwise leather-and-denim–filled lineup. There was nothing glaringly on theme here, and that was a refreshing new approach for Leba. Whereas in the past he’s focused on Hawaiian surfers and skater boys, here he traded the single subcultural group for something much more inclusive and vibrant. These R13 pieces will appeal to everyone, whether they’re a punk, a pretty reality TV star, or someone who just genuinely loves clothes and doesn’t overthink it. It’s a specific brand of cool that New York, and America, is certainly ready for.