Recap of Cannes..our favorite fashion standouts

The event has come to a close but the fashion will be forever documented…What do we know about Cannes? Well………..Men wear Dior. Women look exceptional.  There are free movies.  The weather looks fantastic and you party on yachts.  That’s all I know.  Here’s some fashion picks.

First of all “all hail the queen of fashion Diane Kruger”.  From Prabal Gurung to Giambattista Valli..this girl knows her fashion…although, Pacey from Dawson’s Creek fame (Joshua Jackson) seems like a a strange accessory. Just saying.

Next I have to give out props to Eva Longoria, I’ve never been a huge fan but my goodness this dress is to die for!

Then of course the  boys..all wearing Dior Hommes

Can’t forget some of my favorite women in my favorite designers…….Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture, Barbara Palvin in Valentino, Jennifer Connelly in Gucci and Milla Jovavich in Prada. All incredible stand outs.

Let’s get to some criticism… yes I know I barely scratched the surface, but could someone please tell me why no one has bothered to tell Kristen Stewart to try just a little bit harder! She always looks like she smelled something bad.  We get it, you hate the Hollywood glam fan fare, but your fans would actually like to see you not look so bored all of the time. Balenciaga trousers, Rebecca Minkoff jacket and a juicy couture tshirt? Really?  Don’t get me wrong completely cool outfit if you’re hitting the town but lady you’re heading to a photocall for one of your films.  Honey, you may have Pattison as your accessory but you might want to take a cue from Kruger on your presence. Clearly, you can dress the girl but….  Case in point…

Alright,  I hate to end the blog with me being mean so let’s applaud our lovely Selma Hayek  for reminding us she’s more than the recent Burger King commercial.

Au Revoir, Ciao and BISOUS!