Say Yes! Yes! to the No! No! Pull out that Bikini!


Can I just say that all of us girls are exhausted with the fact that we have to shave. All women must agree that having to shave your legs, naughty parts, armpits and other embarrassing places hair grows is irritating to the skin and a hassle to have to repeat over and over again.

I want smooth baby legs and bump free “can’t see” places!!   This is why I have now dedicated my future to using the No!No! hair removal system.  Say goodbye my friends to the old retro razor and say hello to the everlasting pain free candy pink or silver dream machine.  Take your No!No! for a ride on your legs, arms, face, underarms and even those hard to reach places (blush). Get that touchable skin that will make any lover swoon and get away from those embarrassing itchy painful razor burn bumpies!

**But, I don’t get it… how does my new No!No! work?

Listen, it’s easy.  The No!No! uses what is called “thermicon technology” based off of heat.  It simply burns off the hair gently and safely and makes it so that over time your hair growth will subside.  Don’t fancy the burning smell of hair?  No need to worry my sensitive pal who get headaches from smells, add on the No!No! hair smooth after Treatment Lotion and it will not only make it so that the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly but it diminishes the smell completely!! YAY!

The No!No! hair removal system is priced at *$270.   The No!No! Smooth after treatment lotion runs at *$50 and you can find it at Nordstrom.

Guest Blogger  Beauty Stylist Shelbi Mattison from Nordstrom Atlanta.