The Fashion Recycle

How does fashion recycle itself

written by  Claire Hastings
It’s a well known fact that fashionable bits and pieces always make a full circle when it comes to their popularity and we have proof of the matter in stores and runways. Past is always coming back to us in a form of trendy garments, accessories and/or decorative details. Of course, with the help of modern twists, these vintage looks always create a nice outfit and style. And even better, you can easily get away with rocking some of your parents’ clothing bits and pieces without anyone noticing their age. In that respect, dive into the wardrobe of memories before you set out to buy something new-old because you never know what kind of a fashionable gem you might find. But let’s take a look at the fashion of old that’s all the rage right now.

Chunky Heels

The 90s seem to be the most inspirational past decade for fashionable choices nowadays. Among many things, chunky heels have made a sure comeback and by the looks of it, they are here to stay. Chunky heels are now part of various types of different shoes and they are more than appropriate for a lot of different occasions as well. The best thing is that they provide the necessary support and comfort unlike your regular thin heels.

High-waisted trend

Wearing high-waisted skirts, bikinis and pants started far back in the 50s but it continued to be one of the popular styles up until the 90s. After around 20 years of low-cut bottoms only, high-waisted garments and vintage-inspired bikinis are incredibly popular nowadays and for a good reason. They flatter a lot more body shapes a lot better.

Prints, patterns and designs

The 60s fringe as well as the 90s floral prints are everywhere nowadays. In general, boho vintage fashion incorporates a lot of different prints and patterns that can nowadays be seen on all kinds of garments, from footwear to headwear and even bags. But some trends came back to us from Edwardian era as well, making intricate lace dresses “the dress” for every occasion.

Bell-bottom pants

Even though they were frowned upon in the last decade, bell-bottom pants still managed to make their way back to the fashion world today. This statement piece of the 70s can now be found in various designs and is made of different materials. Thanks to this, these pants suit several styles – from casual hippie outfits to professional business attire.

The Crop Top

Another 70s revival, the crop top, has made its comeback in recent years and many girls enjoy wearing it today. There’s no surprise here since crop tops look absolutely gorgeous with high-waisted pants and skirts, and there are tons of different styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Cool Accessories

Like clothes, many old-fashioned accessories have become the main trend these days. Cat-eye glasses from the 50s and oversized sunglasses characteristic for the 80s have completely replaced your subtle and neutral frames. When it comes to eyewear, the bigger the better. The same goes for hats because wide-brimmed hats from the 70s are considered a perfect addition to your stylish beach look. Let’s not forget statement jewelry and collar necklaces specifically which are also a fine vintage piece that can make any outfit more unique in this day and age as well.
Do you have your own retro clothing piece that you simply love to wear and combine with other garments? If you love the trend of inevitable fashion recycling, make sure to find a proper place and even get your own new wardrobe that will specifically hold the clothes characteristic of past eras. Fashion is fluid and rapidly changes so you never know when you might need to store away some of your current favorites.

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has been writing as long as she can remember. She is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.