Vivienne Tam : Victorian cool

I’ll preface this by saying, Vivienne Tam is one of my favorites every season.  She rolls with what she feels and the result is always interesting and well tailored.  This season I was thrilled with her innovative lacework mixed with neoprene , netting, and other fabrics that seem at opposite ends of the fabric spectrum.   It worked.   I loved this show.

For someone who is always  influenced by her roots,  Tam this season  struck the perfect balance of East meets West. Inspired by chinoiserie, Tam infused her collection with ornate Baroque patterns, a touch of Victorian and traditional Asian prints. It may sound like a hodgepodge of ideas, but it like I said before it worked.

vivienne-tam01 vivienne-tam02 vivienne-tam07 vivienne-tam13 vivienne-tam16 vivienne-tam17 vivienne-tam18 vivienne-tam19 vivienne-tam22 vivienne-tam23 vivienne-tam24 vivienne-tam26 vivienne-tam27 vivienne-tam29 vivienne-tam30 vivienne-tam31 vivienne-tam34 vivienne-tam35 vivienne-tam36 vivienne-tam37 vivienne-tam39