Wear your white tee like an IT girl

Written by Sophia Smith

Owning a white t-shirt is the equivalent to owning an LBD – it’s timeless, it’s chic and it’s incredibly easy to dress up and down depending on the occasion.

With the recent trends reminiscing over some past fashion times (i.e. the sudden revival of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘90s fashion) while at the same time staying true to modern fashions and styles, we’ve seen something very interesting happen – the re-use of the staple wardrobe pieces has become more exciting than ever, with accessories and fabric twists we have never seen coming.

Cara Delevigne streetstyle

Cara Delevingne street style

The fascination that got us all to go WOW was the re-invention of the white tee this season.

This is what’s happening:

Worn for statement

Kendall Jenner at LAX

Kendall Jenner at LAX

White tees come in all shapes and sizes and the increasingly popular look these days is a tee with thin straps, tucked into your boyfriend or high-waist jeans, imitating lingerie that’s just casually there for show – the jean can be either smooth or ripped, depends on how daring you want your outfit to be.

Recently, it’s all about the lingerie-inspired looks that add freshness to the sometimes mundane vibes. We love the simplicity and a fierce elegance behind the outfit… and obviously so do queen Rihanna and Kendall. And the best part – you don’t even have to bother with accessories – the “lingerie tee” is a statement piece itself!Worn for statement

Worn for urban business chic

Whoever said a simple white shirt cannot be turned into a powerful piece was obviously wrong. Paired up with proper bottoms like a high-waist bell leg pants, or a pencil skirt and a sleek heel is a perfect option for a meeting with a new client. To tone down the seriousness of the outfit, include colors in the accessories – your clutch/bag, coat, necklace or scarf may be in variety of colors that inspire you. Add a leather vest over the shirt – and you are set.

Miranda Kerr PFW

Miranda Kerr PFW

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.31.08 PM

For girls who want to take their trade into the land of young business chic, an appliqué on your white tee will make all the difference… as long as it’s a statement motif!

Worn for casual

For a casual New York vibe, nothing speaks chic like a semi-cropped short-sleeved white shirt worn under your jean overalls. For all the edgy girls, leather overalls is the key word, with a tasseled hair and huge retro Lenon’s, of course. Don’t forget to embrace the military heel, too – it will be a perfect contrast to your “modest” white shirt.Worn for casual

Girls who want a toned down, cute look can pair up their ensemble with a flat shoe, too. Going for a white shoe to match your tee is perfect. Olivia Palermo approves!

Worn for urban statement

A simple act of pairing your perfect white tee with richly textured pant (if the leg is bell, even better) for a perfect urban feel will be enough to make everyone’s head spin.Worn for urban statement

Gigi Hadid NYC

Gigi Hadid NYC

Elegance comes in many forms, and going for an all-white ensemble and a sleek heel may work amazingly for a brunch or an afternoon date. For a more daring vibe, a black and white combo will never fail to surprise – your black legging or skinny jean will work perfectly with the white tee you’ve got on.
The shirt can be either cropped or tucked in, it’s up to you. Throw a leather brown belt in the mix and a cool statement necklace, and you’ll kill it.Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.29.33 PM

We love how an accessory can upgrade an entire look and take it places – paired up with a red hat, your euro chic outfit may evoke the young Venice and all the beauty that comes with it. Dare to experiment and you won’t regret it!
A white tee is a classic; dress it up or down, and wear it in any occasion possible – it will never disappoint.Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.51.23 PM

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