Beauty Tips made Easy

Shana King is the Beauty director for Anisa International. As a Makeup Artist as well, we asked Shana what she found trending in today’s beauty markets.   “We’re seeing a lot of product and makeup looks that are designed around helping you take your look to the next level.  I’ve tried to focus on the top three transformations that are trending right now.”



  • To create depth and dimension in your eye crease or cheek bone areas you want to use a non shimmer powder based product (at least 2 shades darker than your skin tone) and work color into the area until fully blended. Make sure to choose the right tool for application as this will help perfect the look. For eyes use a domed tip brush, like adesign’s contour brush) and for cheek an angle brush work best. I always like to tap off any excess product before I begin.


  • Highlighting is a great way to add illumination to your face. Focus on areas that you want to draw attention to; like you brow bone, inner corner of the eye and cheek bone
  • Choose your favorite highlighting product and use your favorite brush to apply. For the inner corner of the eye I suggest using a synthetic small domed brush I love to use adesign’s Natrafil Highlighting brush to work product into the area without causing irritation. You can also add shimmer product to your tinted moisturizer or foundation for  a natural glow.  Play up your features and have fun by choosing products that will add volume, color and harmony to your skin.

By adding a small amount of blush into the apple of the cheek will instantly create a natural glow. Trying also using an eye lash curler before applying mascara to add length and volume to your lashes (I find it also helps product last longer throughout the day).
Apply a clear gloss into the center of your lips to give the illusion of the perfect pucker.