Loving the skin you’re in!

Who knew that the golden bronzed woman in the suntan commercial would eventually fade away? The idea of lying on the beach for hours, burning under those sun-rays until your skin begins to freckle is a thing of the past—at least in the beauty industry. The word on the street is; loving the skin you’re in is the new trend. And to be very honest, it’s about damn time.

More women are shying away from sunbathing and using heavy makeup to achieve that ultimate glow. Instead, radiant skin with transparent shades of poppy and peach on the cheeks is what’s happening. It’s fresh and healthy-looking, a perfect alternative for those dense, terracotta-bronze powders. Versatility is an understatement, for you can rock a simple eye and finish with a strong lip. To channel that inner fox, a sexy, smoldering eye with tons of mascara and a nude lip will definitely get you a one night stand. However, if you choose to be a good girl, stick with a subtle shimmer on the eyelids and a natural lip color.

Right now, I’m obsessed with Inglot’s AMC Liquid Face Blush. There are eight highly pigmented shades to choose from and it lasts for hours. You don’t have to fight with applying it–less than one pump is all you need for both cheeks and it glides wonderfully on bare skin. Just use your fingers and it will melt right in.

Nars’ G-Spot multiple stick is a cult classic for makeup junkies. This stick can be applied to the cheeks as well as the eyes and lips. It has a very sexy sheen for a finish and layers like a dream over other makeup. If this isn’t your color of choice, don’t worry about it. There are fifteen shades to choose from.


With all this talk about tanning versus embracing natural beauty, we all know there are some summer bunnies that will lie out regardless of what’s trending.  And that’s okay. Just be smart about it–use a skin protector. Use a ton of it. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF55 is a good start. It penetrates deep in to the skin, preventing UV damage. Reapply every two to three hours and you’re set.

Trends come and go. And sometimes, they make absolutely no sense to me. However, I do believe that trends are meant to inspire folks to develop their own sense of individuality. And fortunately, practicality and what is healthy seems to be the main focus when speaking about makeup and skincare. Looking hot doesn’t always have to be about compromising your health. All you have to do is explore other options and be open for change. Not saying you have to change completely– just be willing to switch it up from time to time.

Jessica Williams is a working makeup artist in New York City.