Chanel: Couture Spring 2015

Hmmm.  As the “Devil” once said, “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.”  Granted, when done by Lagerfeld you suddenly forget the cliche’ and just roll with it.  I just can’t  help but be  a little concerned when Kendall Jenner’s tatas get more publicity than the collection itself.    I wouldn’t necessarily call it groundbreaking, no.  Fashion forward?  Sure, why not.  KIM_1169 KIM_1179 KIM_1193 KIM_1200 KIM_1209 KIM_1215 KIM_1221 KIM_1230 KIM_1287 KIM_1304 KIM_1309 KIM_1330 KIM_1340 KIM_1345 KIM_1375 KIM_1401KIM_1138KIM_1420