Dior : Couture Spring 2015

Well, low and behold the ‘floral’ still runneth ramped on the runways.  Dior amongst Chanel ran with the floral theme as did  most of the collections.  Dior however went with a different era one of flashbacks, factory parties and latex booties. I don’t hate it.   It’s growing on me.  But hey, it’s Couture week….anything goes.

DIO_0128 DIO_0150 DIO_0164 DIO_0184 DIO_0194 DIO_0216 DIO_0238 DIO_0258 DIO_0322 DIO_0384 DIO_0396 DIO_0456 DIO_0486 DIO_0528 DIO_0554 DIO_0586 DIO_0612 DIO_0636 DIO_0648 DIO_0680 DIO_0692 DIO_0708 DIO_0806 DIO_0830 DIO_0920