Fashion Essentials for Fall

Contributed by Fashion blogger Amanda Thompson

Overhauling the wardrobe for fall may be challenging as this season is special. For some women, this season is the reflection of their style, which is bright and subtle, soft and edgy, plain and complicated. In the fall, you should create many looks using your capsule wardrobe essentials. However, it’s not that easy. I’ve rounded up fall fashion basics and outfit ideas, which will facilitate your choice.

Fall Essentials Wardrobe
Each season has its own wardrobe necessities, which may be mixed-and-matched in a cohesive and organized way. They should give endless outfit options, be comfortable and stylish. Here are my favorite wardrobe essentials for Fall 2017.


Skinny jeans are always a go-to variant when it’s chilly and rainy. They create a lean silhouette, emphasize your curves and allow you to create as many layers as you want. They are warm, stylish and practical. On top of that, they may be paired with different items. Here are some options:

  • If you want to look feminine, wear skinnies with pumps, a lace top, and a leather jacket. This look will look elegant and in the meantime, it’ll be functional as the jacket will keep you warm.
  • Flats can be your favorite footwear this fall. So, wear them with skinnies of a solid color, add a cashmere coat, a statement scarf, and sunglasses. If you are into bright colors, you may add a vivid bag and make it a zest of the outfit.
  • The combination of skinny jeans and ankle boots is something, which will never go out of style. The boots may be made of leather, faux leather, suede, or Nubuck. Use this combination, and complement the look with a blouse or a sweater. The color palette may be different, everything depends on your mood, weather, and occasion.
  • Oversized sweaters and shirts are admired today, so wear them with skinnies. The contrast will look appealing. If you want to get a casual look, wear sneakers or choose boots for a more festive outfit.


The fall outfit isn’t complete without a stylish hat. This essential is perfect as it looks chic and protects your hairstyle from the rain. In short, it’s a great practical item, which keeps you warm and adds flair to the look. Here are a few suggestions how to wear it:

  • Go for all denim look as it is an eternal trend. Just tuck the shirt in jeans, wear high heels and a fedora of a matching color. This one is a perfect casual look.
  • Black is a new black, so a black fedora should be your must have. Wear it with a pullover, dark jeans, and a coat.
  • A knitted sweater is a “hard” item and sometimes it may overload the outfit, but if you add a fedora of a soft brown, beige or gray color, it will make the look softer.


A statement coat is something every fashionista needs. It not only adds a pop of color to the look, it also helps you to ooze confidence and femininity. The coat may be made of cashmere, velvet, suede, leather or faux fur, all these fabrics are trendy today. Besides, you may go for coats of a vivid color or with startling details such as rhinestones, embroidery, and volumetric accessories. There is no a clear rule how to wear it, so come up with innovative ideas and experiment. Here are some ideas how you can incorporate it into your outfit:

  • Combine a coat with blue jeans, high heels and leather gloves of a bright color (pink, blue, red, emerald green). A scarf, thrown over the shoulders, also may be the part of the ensemble.
  • Wear a wool mini dress with high boots and a velvet coat with an interesting print. It will be a daring look, which will highlight your advantages.
  • A multi-colored coat with pumps and a silk scarf creates a light and romantic look. It is perfect for a night out.
  • The combination of a fur coat with combat boots or sneakers is for those women, who like urban looks.


This staple item will never get old. This is a universal item as it goes perfectly with jeans, pants, pleated skirts, pencil skirts, A-line dresses and maxi dresses. They are comfortable, easy to match, come in a variety of colors and fabrics. They may be the integral part both of sunny and rainy weather outfits. Here are some tips for you to consider.

  • Kitten heels provide a good level of stability and look cute. If you wear them with a midi skirt, a dress, or a cotton blouse, you’ll get a romantic look.
  • Wedges are extremely comfortable and pretty stylish. They make you taller and provide a good grip with a ground. Pants and dresses look awesome with them.
  • Flat ankle boots create a relaxed look and they are one of the essentials of rainy weather outfits. Wear them with skinnies, boyfriend jeans or skirts and complement the outfit with statement accessories.
  • Tassel boots are universal as they both may be a zest of the look if they are paired with proper attire or they just can complement a bold outfit without overloading it.


Blanket scarves are one of the obsessions for many women and they are one of the biggest accessories trends of the fall. This wardrobe necessity is really a smart buy. It not only keeps you warm but adds a ton of personality to your look. It may be styled in many ways, everything depends on your imagination. Just check out these ways of styling the blanket scarf:

  • Wrap the scarf around the neck so that it covers the shoulders. You may wear clothes of one color and choose the scarf of a contrasting hue. Pick a wool scarf if you need the warmth.
  • A blanket scarf is universal as you may use it as a scarf and as a cape. Just wrap it around the body and secure with a belt. It will resemble a belted poncho, which will underline the waistline.
  • A baggy sweater and leggings or jeans make up a good ensemble. If you love layers, you may add a cotton scarf of a subtle color atop the sweater.
  • If your must have is a leather jacket, then tie the scarf around the neck as a bandana. This shape looks great with the jacket.