Givenchy’s Parisian dream – A/W ‘15    written by Joanna McGuinness

In terms of putting on an unforgettable show, Fashion house Givenchy are always a top contender. Unveiling their A/W 2015 collection at Paris Fashion Week it was clearly imperative that a lasting impression be made on show attendees.

Pushing all concepts of a “run of the mill fashion show” to one side, Riccardo Tisci unleashed an army of Parisian mustached models onto the runway in Paris, and the results were pretty attention grabbing!

If the collection in it’s entirely is anything to go by, then all things dark and decadent were clearly a source of inspiration for designer Tisci. “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the world,” he said in reference to the most prominent colour of Givenchy’s latest line.

Velvet and lace featured heavily throughout the collection in the form of tailored jackets, dresses, high waisted cigarette pants and trench coats.

Undoubtedly the most prominent piece in the collection was a deep red beautifully embellished ballgown with sheer netted panels and waterfall sleeves.

So what do you make of Givenchy’s latest creations? Parisian perfection or a little too porcelain doll petrifying?

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