I’m not your GYN stop showing me your LABIA

Today whilst having lunch  down the street in my hood I noticed there is an increasingly popular TREND which I’m sorry, it’s horrible..this yoga pant/legging with shirt cropped or tucked in look.  Don’t do it, you look ridiculous.  I repeat please STOP SHOWING ME YOUR LABIA.  You’re not impressing anyone.  I didn’t even notice how great your figure looked as I was too appalled by the LABIA factor.  Recognize you’re not a super model or a Kardashian. Models look good in everything and well the Kardashians ..ugh, enough said. Rules apply ladies, and you’re breaking them all over the place.

When did it become “trend on” to wear yoga pants with crop tops outside of the gym? Just because you pair it with a handbag does not make it street fashion.  You look ridiculous. Wear a shirt that covers  your crotch please.

When did it become ‘trend on’ to wear what appears to be tights that are so sheer they do not hide your privates at all and then just to make sure those privates shine on, you top it with a shirt that stops at your waist.  What the hell are you thinking? You are not impressing anyone. You look like a girl who forgot to wear a dress.

Lastly, Denim shorts are meant to cover your ass to some extent, and they have become so slutty and short that those of you who refuse to wear undergarments are flaunting your “who who”  and your backside to strangers who are merely trying to have a nice lunch. The reality is you do not look like RIHANNA,  nor do you look like that model below, you look like the picture beneath it! Recognize.

So yeah,  I’ll say it, y’all look like a bunch of street walkin hoes.  No one wants to look at your camel toe or worst yet your exposed labia.  You’re appalling not sexy.   Pick up a Real Legit Fashion magazine and show me one photo of exposed labia, and I’ll stand corrected. Put your clothes on ladies you’re embarrassing yourselves.

RIhanna, and Model.


OKAY so I ranted.  I suppose I should at least show you some examples of how to wear these styles where you can still keep your dignity.  YES dignity.  Just because you think you look hot, and I’m all about feeling good about yourself, you can be sexy without looking like a common street walker.

Here’s some alternatives:

The YOGA PANT/LEGGING: If you have a nice butt, by all means show it, just wear a shirt that can nicely covers your crotch on the other side and make sure they’re not see through.

Taylor swift, probably coming from the gym….note no labia showing.

another tasteful example of how to wear your leggings in public…

Others in case you didn’t get it.

The jean short…we all love them.  So quick note, if you think it fits go one size larger this will assure labia concealment and your bum will be covered. A nice jacket is a good trick to class up your act as well.

There you go.  Class it up.  Don’t go showing your goods just to get noticed.  It’s not attractive, it’s embarrassing. And remember, some trends aren’t meant for everyone.